Grant from Käthe-Dorsch-und Agnes-Straub-Stiftung

Ich freue mich sehr über eine Förderung der Käthe-Dorsch-und Agnes-Straub-Stiftung für die Rahmung meiner Serie "QUARANTIME - The World On My Doorstep".
I received a Grant from the Käthe-Dorsch-and Agnes-Straub-Foundation, Berlin. 

The series will be part of "ORTSTERMIN 22" Kunstfestival Tiergarten in Berlin.

When: 26.8. - 28.8.2022

Where: L36, Lehrter Str. 36, Berlin-Moabit

Vernissage: 26.08.2022, 19 Uhr 

Practices of Attention 

The group exhibition “Practices of Attention / Praktiken der Aufmerksamkeit” includes works by five female artists (drawings, paintings, photography, sound installation, objects) who deal in different ways with themes such as attention, concentration, flow states of artistic practices, rituals and the perception and interpretation of reality.