In my ongoing series 'Berlin Litter Tales', which I started in October 2023, I have been approaching the casually discarded small trash, known as litter, on Berlin's sidewalks, squares, and green spaces through photography. These photographs are taken during my daily routes and walks. Over the past few years, littering has significantly increased, contributing to Berlin being one of the dirtiest major cities in Europe. However, littering remains a global issue. Pollution not only diminishes the quality of life but, as explored in psychogeography, it delves deeper into our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It can permanently stress our nervous systems, turning places like parks, intended as crucial urban recreational areas, into "places of anxiety“, as described by neuroscientist Colin Ellard. Moreover, waste directly infiltrates the environment, posing threats to animals and plants. Even small amounts of litter cover plants and transfer pollutants. Animals can get injured or poisoned, while plastic waste does not fully decompose, ultimately ending up as microplastics in our waters. In my images, litter takes on a kind of independent existence. Almost like strange creatures, it lives in bushes, on meadows, and along the roadside. I want to observe it, and it seems to gaze back at me.


2023, ongoing