Volcano and Elephant

2023, ongoing


"Only when we truly inhabit our bodies will we be able to preserve the Earth as inhabitable. (...) Nature destruction has to do with the fact that we no longer perceive the natural aspect within ourselves, that we consider it controllable mechanisms for ourselves, a consequence of a certain image of humans derived from the dualism of modern times."  Thomas Fuchs, Psychiatrist


Inspired by the travels of Mars Rovers and their photographs of Martian landscapes, I take my camera to explore the female body as if it were an entirely foreign terrain. By using macrophotography and imagining that I am exploring a completely new territory, new perspectives on the body, which are both familiar and alien when closely examined, begin to emerge. I see volcanic rocks or elephant skin or the scale-like skin of a fish. A leg hair, usually overlooked among many or mostly shaved, stands out like a plant stem. Skin and hair, in their protective function, become visibly pronounced, radiating a robustness not traditionally attributed to the female body. The body appears in its authentic nature.