Gedichte, 2022/2023

QUARANTIME - The World On My Doorstep


Die Mädchen wollen Zuschauer

Text-Collagen,  2019 - 2021

Undine geht /Undine leaves

2009 - 2018

Im Innern gleichsam draußen /Inside Outside

2012 - 2018

Berlin III - Forum


Berlin I - Palast


Birkenort. Fluchtpunkte /Birkenort. Vanishing Points


Mond gegenüber /Opposite Moon


Good Bye, Leningrad!

2004/2005, 35 min, Music Documentary

"Good Bye, Leningrad!" follows 5 musicians from the St. Petersburg based band Pudra. Interplecting images from their daily routines the musicians describe their ties to St. Petersburg and how Pudra was founded. While thus essentially a band portrait the movie at the same time offers a good glimpse into the life of an upcoming St. Petersburg based rock band: most of the musicians moved to the city, they are not full time musicians but have day jobs and they rehearse in the basement of a residential building. ...the movie is definitively recommendable for anybody interested in Post-Soviet popular music! (David-Emil Wickström)

written and directed by Christine Bachmann, Co-Direction: Sebastian Waack, Camera: Thomas Kirchberg, Cutter: Jan Filkorn, Sound: Sebastian Baller, Production: Christine Bachmann and Cultiv e.V., funded by: Stiftung West-Östliche Begegnungen